Danisa Butter Cookies with All New Different Flavors

Popularly referred to as brysslkex, sables, and Danish biscuits, these light-tasting snacks were formerly served for the European dignity (in many European countries as well as North America) on special days, such as Christmas.

Ingredients and Different Shapes of Butter Cookies

Same as other types of cookies and cakes, butter cookies are made from butter, wheat flour, and sugar. Yeast and flavorings are not added, but only vanilla and chocolate. These cookies are often made in a variety of shapes like cubic, circular, flat, oval, round, and squares.

Why Danisa Butter Cookies?

Since cookies have huge popularity around the world, many companies are keen to prepare more Danish butter cookies as per valid recipes – and not a ‘fake danisa butter cookies‘ – and by using the best quality materials.

Danisa manufactures the finest range of tasty cookies, made with a keen interest in details that stimulate your taste buds to make you feel what the Royal Taste is.

Management of Danisa

Danisa is managed by Danish Specialty Foods Aps based in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Danish Specialty Foods Aps is keen to sustain the consistency of using the real Danish recipe for the making of the cookies.

Flavors of Cookies

  • Traditional Butter Cookies: Made from the highest quality of milk, butter, and all natural ingredients.
  • Choco Cashew Butter Cookies: Having the goodness of cashew nuts, these cookies are smooth and crunchy in the taste at the same time.
  • Choco Filled Butter Cookies: Made from the highest grade of milk, butter and natural ingredients combined with rich chocolate.
  • Currant Butter Cookies: Added with the fresh currants, these cookies deliver a perfect sweet and sour flavor.
  • Pineapple Filled Butter Cookies: An alluring taste created from the finest quality pineapple filling that melts in your mouth.


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