The Healthiest Cookware Options You Should Know

Food preparation is crucial for our health. It is why every homemaker should know what the healthiest cookware is. For those who don’t know what cookware to use yet, here is how you can cook the healthiest food in the healthiest cookware and what cookware should you avoid using. Choose health for you and your family.

What You Should Avoid?

1) Teflon – Associated With The Appearance Of Different Types Of Cancer

Most of the families certainly have in their home one or more Teflon cookware. Researchers have shown that Teflon is not the healthiest cookware, mostly when it is scrubbed from the cookware. Most of the cookware is made of aluminum, covered with a Teflon layer. Some studies have shown that Teflon is associated with different types of cancer due to the mix of perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, Cadmium, and lead in its composition. In fact, the USA Environmental Protection asked for the replacement of PFOA with other less harmful material.

2) Copper – Toxic Material

Copper is not the best choice of cookware material either. It can be released from the cookware at high temperature and thus the risk of an intoxication is high. The acid ingredients oxidize and change the taste of food and its properties. So, you should avoid copper cookware.

What You Should Choose?

3) Clay And Glass Cookware – among the best and healthiest cookware of all times

No wonder there is still clay cookware left from our ancestors. It is among the healthiest cookware. It is proven that the unburnt cookware smeared with fresh milk becomes waterproof. Clay cookware last to very high temperatures, they heat up very quickly, they don’t eliminate any toxic substance for the organism, and are not dangerous for the foodstuff. Glass cookware is healthy; the yena type is perfect for the oven. It is very durable and not brittle.

It can be cleaned efficiently with the white part of the orange peel. The glass cookware can be cleaned up effectively if it is left soaking with a few pieces of potatoes mixed with water in it. It must be left soaking for a few minutes and then rinsed with a lot of water. The scratches from the glass cookware disappear if it is well rubbed with toothpaste.

4) Stainless Steel – one of the healthiest cookware, but hard to maintain

Stainless steel cookware is a great option as well, but more likely for boiled foods than for baked groceries. It does not release toxic substance, and it is a secure material for the foodstuff. Make sure that the stainless-steel cookware has no aluminum handles and that it is made of the same material that the cookware. The stainless-steel cookware must not be rubbed with steel wool because it can scratch and thus gain an unpleasant appearance. It must be well rubbed with baking soda and apple vinegar and then rinsed with warm water. Do not forget to wipe them with a towel, or else they remain stained.

5) Ceramic – an excellent material for pans

The ceramic cookware is also a good choice, but when they deteriorate, they must be thrown away. Some studies have shown that ceramic pans used at more than 260 degrees can be carcinogenic. Nonetheless, the ceramic cookware with a thick layer of ceramic is safe cookware.

6) Cast Iron – one of the healthiest cookware

The cast iron cookware is perfect for cooking, although they heat up harder and keep the heat in for longer. They can be perfect for foodstuff that needs more extended boiling. To keep them safe for a longer period, you can clean them up with a cut in two onions and rub them with a piece of rag soaked in oil.

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