How to Get Your Birth Certificate Translated

Getting your birth certificate translated into another language is not something you hear about often unless you are lucky enough to have spent some time overseas for long periods of time. For a great many, though, the idea of needing such a thing might never have crossed their minds in the past. However, if you have found yourself in this unique position, then here is some helpful information on how to get your birth certificate translated!

Here are a bunch of scenarios in which you will need a translated birth certificate:

  • Studying abroad
  • Immigrating to a new country
  • Working in another country
  • Getting married outside of your birth country

Why Do You Need Your Birth Certificate Translated?

If you are planning on conducting any official business in another country, it is important that you have a birth certificate translated into the language of that country. You will need a translated copy for submissions to the appropriate authorities, depending on your business (i.e. work visa, marriage license, etc.). Not only is it a necessity in many instances, but it can reduce any issues that might come up during your time abroad.

How To Get The Most Accurate Translation?

It is crucial that you know how to get your birth certificate translated in the most accurate way possible. When choosing a translator, select someone who is fluent in the second language, as well as familiar with the legalese used on these types of documents. These skills will move the process along much quicker and more smoothly. Also, if your government has issued you both a short and long birth certificate, be sure to provide the translator with the long form document. It will include all of the pertinent information, including the seal from the issuing authority.

The spelling of names and addresses are particularly susceptible to mistranslation. This is especially true if a fair amount of your paperwork is handwritten. If this is the case, it would be helpful to the translator (and ultimately to you) if you provide a typed-out document with the following information:

Your full name (including middle)

Place of birth

Date of birth

Full names of both parents

Places of birth for both parents

Dates of birth for both parents

Certify the Translated Document

Once you have the translation completed, you will need to have it certified. Many courts, universities and government agencies will only accept certified paperwork. The first step in this process requires the translator’s signature, declaring the document a true translation of your birth certificate, and that all information is complete and accurate. The next step will be to have it verified by a notary or other such authorized government official.

Luckily, the translation of your birth certificate is a fairly painless process. As long as you do your homework beforehand and find a well-qualified translator, the rest will fall into place. Good luck in your endeavors, and happy traveling!



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