Safety Equipment Designed To Make Motorcycle Riding More Safe

There are many different styles of motorcycles from vintage cafe racers, huge cross-country cruisers, to futuristic looking sports bikes. The same way your bike shows off your personality, the safety gear you choose to use will reflect your style as well as keep you riding day after day. Here are three main categories when choosing the gear that’s right for you.


Helmets are the most important piece of safety equipment you’ll need before getting on a bike. While some states don’t require that you wear a helmet, it’s the only piece of equipment keep your head from the road. Styles vary from full face racing style helmet to complete open basic hard hats and everything in between.

A proper fit is a must. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, so keep trying them on until you find one that fits your head perfectly. Helmets should be snug enough not to fall off your head when you shake left or right, but not so tight as to cause headaches or pain while being worn.

Helmets come with various numbers and sizes of vents. Venting allows for additional cooling, comfort, and air flow to reduce fog, which is especially important for helmets with full face visors. Some helmets offer quick release removable visors that can be swapped out for different light conditions. Visors themselves vary in shape and width providing a larger viewing area.


After your head is safe, the rest of your body still needs protection. Anyone who has slid across asphalt at even 20 mph will tell you that a t-shirt and jeans won’t stop road rash. An old, but effective way to keep your skin on you is leather. Leather jackets, pants, gloves, and boots are durable enough to prevent road rash even from falls at upwards of 50 mph.

Newer leather protection is even backed by armor and padding along the spine, elbows, and knees to help absorb the impact of falls and crashes. Vented jackets are designed with zippered slits that can be opened to allow in fresh cool air. Perforated leather is similar with hundreds of little holes providing air flow without sacrificing too much integrity.

New Technology

The latest tech in motorcycle safety is inflatable equipment. Similar to the airbag in your car, companies have designed jackets, vest, and pants with built in bags that rapidly inflate to absorb impact. This man was thrown 15 feet in the air after colliding head-on with a car. His motorcycle was totaled, but he walked away uninjured thanks to his inflatable vest. This equipment is designed to monitor your speed and will automatically activate if it senses you’ve been in an accident.

Inflatable safety equipment was originally designed for use on the track by racing professionals, so it comes with a high price tag. Inflatable jackets can cost as much as $2,000. As the technology becomes more popular, companies are releasing lower priced options and even simple vests that can be worn under the equipment you already own.


“All the gear, all the time” is a popular term for riders who put safety first. While it’s recommended you gear up before riding, ultimately the choice is up to you. The team at this website can help if you do happen to suffer injuries after an accident. Safe riding!



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