Things to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never easy; It is tedious, emotional, and completely draining. However, a divorce lawyer can make the entire process less stressful. A good divorce lawyer will help you in the following areas of family law: child support, alimony, modifications, child custody and visitation, among other areas.

While a divorce lawyer can lighten the load, it’s crucial to choose the right one. Here are things to consider before hiring a divorce attorney.

1. The Attorney’s Area of Practice

Family law is a highly complex area of law. If an attorney is not committed to family law, they may not know the applicable law or the implications of certain decisions. Therefore, you’ll be better served by finding an attorney or law firm ( that only handles family law cases.

2. Fees that the Attorney Charges

Getting divorced is an expensive affair, and you should know what you can afford before you begin. Consider things like consultation fee (most experienced divorce lawyers will charge between $100 and $200), the hourly cost of the attorney and how you will finance a divorce settlement.

3. Referrals and Client Testimonials

The wisest thing you can do before hiring a divorce lawyer is to get a personal referral from a trusted source. Feel free to ask colleagues and friends who have gone through a divorce process about their opinions and experience with their lawyers.

If you don’t know someone who has been through a divorce, you can find online reviews on divorce attorneys using websites such as Avvo and Yelp. You may also ask the attorney you are considering hiring for a list of clients that you can talk to. Hearing what different clients have to say about the attorney can help you choose the best divorce lawyer.

4. Your Comfort Level

As the divorce case proceeds, you will need to talk to your attorney about personal and sensitive issues. For that reason, you should feel comfortable when talking to your divorce lawyer about such matters. Additionally, you need to be able to trust that the attorney will always have your best interests in mind.

5. Availability of the Attorney

How often will you have face-to-face meetings? Is the attorney easily accessible via telephone or e-mail? Does he/she get back to you promptly? You need a lawyer who will be there for you as soon as you call, who will represent you adequately through the divorce process and will be there even after the divorce is over.

6. Clear Lines of Communication

A good divorce attorney should speak in clear terms that you can easily understand. The attorney should avoid legalese when possible and ensure that he or she provides explanations for legal terms when they are used. Additionally, the divorce attorney should be willing to explain anything that may be confusing to you during the divorce process.

Divorce can flip your world upside down. Hiring a divorce lawyer is the best way to handle the situation. While there are many qualified divorce lawyers out there, not all are equal in skill or experience. Therefore, consider the above things before hiring one.



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