Three Considerations When Installing Safety Mirrors

Blind corners are a problem anywhere you have a lot of objects or structures rising above eye-level. Whether you’re driving on a street, rolling through a parking lot, or walking down a corridor in an office, a blind corner increases the chances of injury or damage. Installing a safety mirror at the corner is one of the best ways to prevent collisions, but you have to ensure the mirror is placed correctly and does not create more problems on its own. Consider these three issues before choosing a place for the mirror.

Indoor Privacy

Safety mirrors can be used indoors in offices where tall cubicle walls make it difficult to see who’s coming around a corner. The most likely place to put the mirror is up in the corner near the ceiling. However, you have to ensure placing the mirror there doesn’t put everyone in nearby cubicles on display. If everyone else in the office can look down into someone’s cubicle by looking at the mirror that creates a creepy situation for that person. Cubicles might not be the most private places, but showing everyone in the office what’s going on in one all the time is uncomfortable for the person in that space.


For both indoor and outdoor mirrors, glare is a problem. Sunlight shining through a window can reflect off a poorly placed interior mirror, and the sun can create a hazard for outdoor mirrors that aren’t angled correctly. Before you permanently install the mirror, have someone hold it in place during times when direct sunlight hits the area where the mirror will go. You don’t want any glare hitting drivers and others in the eyes. If there is a lot of glare, try to find a nearby spot that is protected from sunlight.


Safety mirrors are generally convex, creating a slightly distorted image, mainly toward the edges of the mirror. Ensure that this distortion isn’t too pronounced and that people at ground level can clearly see what might be around the corner. A very distorted view is really not that much better than no view. You may have to get another mirror if there is too much distortion.

Safety mirror companies can help guide you through the installation process to ensure the best possible view. If you have more questions, call them before proceeding with the installation.



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